13 July, 2007

spain ~ mi patria querida.

SPAIN- such and incredible place...the home that i knew for so long. i recently came across this quote that made me sad about leaving, but i will never ever regret what i have here:

there is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.
-nelson mandela

it is like i have had two different lives, in two wonderful places that are just too far away to be in-touch with both at the same time. i guess now that i think about it, i had two lives that i would never change for anything...some people don't even have one. i am so fortunate.

colbie calliat concert

Angel, Coral and I got to go see Colbie Calliat at the PDX Chrystal ballroom!! This was a fun time...getting lost on the way, staying up late, eating good 'ol burgers...and the sweet voice of colbie to listen to. yay!!!

Here's to a good girls night out, and to brad for watching our boys!

b and angel

we were getting tired...not used to staying up this late. coral captured this one right after a big yawn. (or sneeze, i can't remember)