30 May, 2008

the veggie garden (as of today)

I just finished planting all that you see in this picture. There are still some things that I want to plant, but we'll see if that ever gets done. What I have so far:
- 4 broccoli sprouts
- 3 brussel sprouts
- 6 mixed greens salad blend squares
- 23 lettuce sprouts
- 3 large tomato varieties
- 1 cherry tomato plant
- 4 zucchini plants
- 3 cucumber plants

Tomato plant

The black tarp is not my favourite for pictures or to look at, but I have literally NO weeding which for me is worth it. It is not the plastic stuff, but it allows the soil to absorb water, and does not make it acidic (which is what the plastic does).

lettuce- a ton.

mixed salad greens (or weeds as some would say). they will be delicious! And they even flower, how sweet.
I will be keeping updates on here of how it changes through the season, and what we get from it. I hope we get a ton. What do you have in your gardens? I know I am missing some stuff, such as peppers, and stuff....but let me know...what do you really enjoy that is missing here? I wanna know!

an afternoon with the chicken farmer and trike rider

chicken farmers always feed popcorn to their chickens

never too silly

the trike is how he gets around

trike fixin'

29 May, 2008

drumstick and ferocious beast cross the line

good time ol' time dusting.


on the go, again.
drumstick on the left, ferocious beast on the right (in the rest of the pics as well)

headed home.
drumstick and ferocious beast jiggiddy-jig.

i do shirts

I made more shirts, for b-day gifts for some of our little buddies: Lucy and Silas...
The crown is Lucy's and the tree is Silas'. They were fun to make!

28 May, 2008

double order, please?


drive up to the window.
b: a double order of good weather, not too hot, not to cold.
automatic voice: where do you live?
b: Corvallis, Oregon.
automatic voice: oops, sorry...that is not possible...any other requests?
b: well, I'd like rain then, so that I don't have to water my veggies, since it is overcast that shouldn't be too hard.
automatic voice: nope. that is a no too. if you want your plants to live you'll have to water them under the cold overcast sky....rain is not in your forecast.

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26 May, 2008

a memorial day thank you.

Poor is the community that has no heroes, poorer still is the one that having them, forgets.

Happy memorial day to all, but mostly to those who deserve it, as in those who we celebrate today. Thank you for serving our country, and serving it with your whole heart, thank you for giving so much, sometimes what others think to be too much...but mostly for being willing to give so that I can live here, in safety and freedom. Thank you for your service.

My family who has served in the Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard:
Thank you Ross.
Thank you Dad.
Thank you Grandpa Durand.
Thank you Grandpa Jackson.
Thank you Uncle Jack.
Thank you Grandpa Marble.
Thank you Grandpa Cox.


24 May, 2008

contact: with vagabond uncle andrew

Uncle Andrew has been really digilent about keeping up with us by sending us little tidbits of life through the mail, in the form of postcards! Oh, they are so fun to get...the boys think so too! Here are some pics so that you can see just how exciting these are to receive.

tickled to silliness!!!