20 May, 2008

chickidee-chickiedoo, we love you!

We went to Lazy 54 Farm (Hatchery) in Hubbard, Oregon to get out two littlest chickies. We got two Rhode Island Red day olds from there. They are the cutest little things!!! I picked up some meat chicks (Cornish x day olds) while I was up there for a fellow chicken enthusiast in Lebanon. Here is a box full of chicks!
since the hatchery was about an hour away I brought a movie for the boys to watch on the way back. I don't always do this, but it is fun for them in the car where there is not much to do. Sometimes I do toys, or books, but I have noticed that it is really hard if they drop something since I am the only one in the car....and I cannot reach back to get it...so MAC movies are the better choice. Gotta love the MAC!!

At home, the boys hands and fingers are attracted like magnets to the chickies soft fluff!

They love them! LOVE them. O is a little hazard with them, but J other than squeezing a little too hard sometimes seems to be really gentle.

So that is our trip to get the RIR (Rhode Island Reds as known to chicken lovers).


Heather said...

Such sweet little chickies and sweet little boys. :)

bethany said...

heather- oh, thank you!!! it was fun.