22 May, 2008

the littelest ones big day out

First time outside ever for these two little chickies. Immediately they knew that grass was for eating, that our cat spider was a threat, and were curious about the 'big' birds in the run. An exciting day, here are the few seconds of outdoor experience so far, it was too cold to be out for long, and they are so little and the threats so big. I was relieved that I saw spider coming up behind me! I was happy to put them back in their brooding cage, safe and warm, little and clueless really.

checking out the big chickens

they are as soft as they look, seriously way cute!

chicken butts!


Trish said...

I LOVE the chicken butts! :) I saw the meme and will do it after the holiday weekend! Want to take a stab at the classics meme?? It wasn't quite as popular as I had hoped it would be. Oh well!

bethany said...

yes I will do that!! I am just nervous for everyone to see just how much I don't know about them!!!

Medbie said...

I went into squeals of delight over these fuzzy little guys! Great photos and thanks for sharing them!