14 January, 2009

intro to the bungarees:

Since I mostly write about everyone else, this section is about me, I am b.
I am 28, born in 1980. I am married to B (since 2002) and have two boys J and O (3 and 5). We'll have more, but that is what we have for now. I graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Spanish and a love of Spanish and English literature. I love the sounds of language, I have studied Japanese, Italian, French and German as well...just a little though. I grew up in Spain, and am therefore blessed by being bilingual since way before I can remember.

I love Jesus and try as hard as I can to follow him daily, while fully knowing I can give nothing and must rely on grace. I am a backyard chicken farmer and really like all types of animals (as long as they have feathers or fur) and would like to own a farm someday. I love photography, painting, drawing and have recently really gotten into knitting, quilting and embroidery. I ran all through highschool, we were good....but it was because we trained like insanity. Now all the physical activity that I do is fun, I play with my kids, run around, be silly and that takes more energy than I have! :) I also can't get enough of rock climbing...more bouldering since I am afraid of heights. We are 'at home vegetarians' - yeah, I made that up :) It means that we don't cook or eat any meat at our home, but we eat whatever is served elsewhere, we even order meat at restaurants! (I have to go organic and local for sure though)

Oh if you want to see more about the reading side of me go to my book blog, it is pretty fun: B&b ex libris, that is where its at! It has tons of reviews and other bookie stuff.

Do you have any questions for me?? Ask away!

this is (B) my sweet husband

(J) my oldest child, who is almost 5 now. Quite precocious and artistic.

(O) my baby (for now), he is 3. sweet and very intense little one for sure.


Anonymous said...

and the self potrait looks amazing.. and the cat pic on the right too! :) everything looks great :)

*claire* said...

I love that.. at home vegetarians.. I've been meaning to.. if only my husband would give in already..

Sheri said...

I love this! To see a Prov. 31 woman in action!!!!
Thank you so much for you comment on my blog. I would love to hear more about Spain and your living there.
I wish I were more like you and enjoyed the whole language thing. That is the part that scares me the most of moving to Brazil. I love to talk so that may be hard for a while!!!! We are leaving this week for a 3 week time there and will come back for some months before actually moving. I am scared (trusting the Lord) but also very excited about this new thing that the Lord has chosen for our lives.
You have a darling family and I love your hearts for the Lord!