11 January, 2009

pretty yoko

ps. can you tell I am fully enjoying my new camera!? it is so fun, seriously.


Angel said...

I love the first pic! Great job! Are you editing these for the coloring?

bethany said...

angel- thanks!! on the first one I lightened it because it was too dark. On the other two that were outside I clicked on the colour boost once, it just enhances the colours. I use iphoto, so if you are using a different program I would guess it would have the same but don't know for sure.

Thanks, I am glad you like my pictures :) I am falling in love with photography all over again...ask ross...in highschool I was obsessed (in a good way:)

Heather said...

I'm enjoying your new camera too. :) The lighting in that first shot is exquisite. And the black and whites of your boys are just so lovely and eloquent.

bethany said...

heather- awe, thanks! I am glad I am not the only one who enjoys it!! :) I felt kinda guilty splurging even if I did wait a long time. Now it is so fun!
Glad you are liking my pictures!