05 January, 2009

auntie met baby G (baby grace)

My journey up to see baby G was great, the other cars all the way up were sparse, it was sunny (or partially cloudy) and it was a joy. I got up there and held that little bundle of loveliness and visited with my family then I headed out at around 5:30 in the eve. I thought I would never make it home.

All the way from Olympia to Portland we drove in single file down the three lane highway because it was so stormy/snowing/icy that no one could see anything but the lights on the car in front of them and the storm itself. We drove that whole way at a speed around 30 mph the whole way. Sometimes down to 25, others up to 40....insane. It took me 4 hours to get back down to Portland (that usually takes about an hour and a half).

The storm wasn't letting up, and made PDX travel yucky. Finally around Salem/Woodburn it was better....or so I thought. I happily drove and then my car started cutting out...I looked at the gas gauge and I was empty. I ran out of gas. I was thankful to have AAA...but I got a novice who had only been doing it for 2 days. He arrived, without a gas can and therefore had to tow me to a gas station. It took him about 45 minutes to get the car hooked up. I got the gas and was on my way. I am getting really grouchy just thinking about it. So I am going to stop now, after telling you that today, during daylight hours Brad found a brandnew six-inch long crack on the windshield. YAY!! We know the novice AAA guy did it, it wasn't there before that. Okay....lets not think about it right now.

At least baby G was super cute, amazingly sweet and calm and I got to bring her her eggplant hat I had been working on, and a supa-sylin' pair of kickers! Fun stuff.


Ellyn Canfield said...

CRAZY! I am so glad you made it back, at long last!

a and I are at the aiport waiting to board..miss you already!

MamaP said...

beautiful knitting. so glad you got to see the new lovely.