03 January, 2009

knitting for baby girl

I have been really into knitting...I am working on something for the newest addition to our [non-immediate] family, my niece baby girl grace. To me making things for people is not about saving money, or giving people ugly Christmas sweaters that they won't wear. I like knitting because I love giving gifts that are not just last minute thoughts, but things that I have worked on and loved on. I get to see baby girl tomorrow!!! yipEEEEEEEEEE!

ps I will show you what this is after her parents see it....until then don't let your imaginations go wild, just sit tight.


Trish said...

I'd love to learn how to knit! What a sweet and thoughtful gift.

Angel said...

Thanks sooooo much for the hat! Grace is adorable in it! (I am a bit biased)=) Anyway, we love the hat. You did an amazing job on it!!