20 January, 2009

Obama Inauguration

Rick Warren's opening prayer:

Okay, seriously....did Rick Warren read my post from yesterday or what!?! ha. I have been so stirred to pray the Lord's prayer daily, not just as a ritual, but out of obedience, over myself, my family, our nation and our president. God put it on my heart and then it was brought up by the women at my bible study and then the same prayer was prayed at Obama's Inauguration. I cried when he said the Lord's Prayer. I love the way God confirms things and works in me.

God's Will will be done.

Part 1 Obama Inauguration:

Part 2 Obama Inauguration:

God Bless America!!


Corinne said...

You know what I was saying to my friend today? How glad I am that I live in a country where a prayer IS said at the beginning and end of this really important political event. I love that my president can talk about God in his inaugural address. My children and I have been praying for Obama the last couple of days - I figure we're all gonna need all the help we can get :)

Ellyn Canfield said...

Love your posts. This was such a cool moment- a lot us people in the audience were praying it aloud with him- it was awesome.

Anonymous said...

I saw it yesterday night LIVE on TV :).. Hubby and Me saw Obama taking Oath and all that you mention here.

Ohh my the number of people who turned up! wow! :)

It was an awesome moment no doubt!

Angel said...

I get scriptures texted to me everyday from the christian radio station out of seattle and all week the scripture of the day has been parts of the Lord's Prayer!