01 January, 2009

them bungaree chickens!!

For those of you who are more interested in chickens, here is some information on what we did...the process, the building, the obtaining of the birds and their care. Don't let anyone fool you, this is a messy job and when the honeymoon phase wears off the chore aspect really kicks in. Still there is something about doing it yourself, using your backyard (or front yard) to raise food for your family.

I am not the conspiracy type, but still....why are we becoming a society of "I have no idea where it comes from and don't care" when it is what we eat!! goodness.

Here is our chicken saga from the beginning:

*the dream of simplification
*checking out different designs for chicken tractors
and the different breeds of chickens
*chicken tractor construction begins!
*obtaining our local birds (partridge rocks)
*chicken tractor complete!!!
*getting and falling in love with our day old chicks
*day trip to get some EE pullets (easter eggers: the ones that lay green, pink and blue)
*our day olds getting bigger
*partridge rocks named!
*moving babies outside into the grass
*the death of a chicken
*our first egg!!!!!!
*chicken pictures: New Hampshire Reds and EEs or Amerucanas
*soaking in the sun
*STAR, my favourite chicken
*Amerucanas FINALLY laying at 31 weeks!! (blue and green eggs!!!)
*chickens and snow
*TONS of eggs!!! (help!?)

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basebell6 said...

just wanted to say "hi" and that i linked on from PW. your blog looks really neat and i've read some of your "chicken" story; about how you got into it, etc. neat!