20 May, 2008

what did you do yesterday?? (our yesterdays journey in bungareeville)

TODAY: Was so fun!
How it all began, we went with Grandma Marble to the nursery wholesale Peoria Gardens (out on Peoria Road), where things were so green and sweet. I could not comprehend the amount of starts they had of all types and how many green houses they had. Don't worry I brought home some lute!

our lute!! (lavender, rosemary, wallflowers, bachelor buttons, a ton of lettuce, and an even larger amount of mixed salad greens!!!) While back at home , the chicken lady of Eugene (Theresa) gives me a call and tells me I can come pick up my Americaunas later on. So right them I decide to call Jessica and see if she will be around, she says yes...so that is our next stop. Napless, and hot we hop in the car...off to Eugene!We never mind since we have pretty much sisters that live there, well sisters to me...cousins to the boys. It feels like home, not Eugene...but being with Jessica, Nicole and their little Jude, Silas, Max and soon-to-be Russell. I am not sure why I did not get any pictures of us heading to the park, as it was a sight...Nicole had Max in the frontpack while pushing Jude's stroller, Jessica was pulling a wagon with O and Silas, and I was walking holding J's hand.

Jude contemplating
O, Silas and J...doing what boys do best: playing!

Jessica eluded every shot, but that is completely acceptable...since she is pretty preggo...and hot and not wanting pics. I will get some when Russell comes! Here is one of Nicole and Max, sweet mamma and baby!

Then we went to Theresa's and picked up our newest addition to the chicken tractor. Three Americaunas, also known as Easter Eggers!!! They are the ones who lay the blue to green eggs, I searched heard for these, and they are B-utiful! I think one is a roo (rooster), so I will need to find him a non-city home, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to keep the rest! I need to get them up close and all, they did not really want to cooperate after their journey out of Eugene. I was scared to put them in with the 9 week old Partridge Rocks (to the left below), because it can be a HUGE problem to put little 5 week old Easter Eggers in there...but they are just fine and this is day two! (thank you, Jesus! I did not want bloody chickies!)

My chicken family is now complete! And we had a wonderful day's travels.


Heather said...

Yay! I'm glad you got the Easter Eggers, AND that they're getting along with the others. And that is one massive nursery. My Mom is looking for a particular tomato start she hasn't been able to find (not that we NEED any more tom's in the garden). But I wonder if this Peoria place would have it...

bethany said...

heather-yes, I am so excited to have them. Today they all seem like they have been together forever...I am so happy.

What tomato is she looking for??