12 May, 2008

we got two partridge rocks!

Today I've been working hard on our hen house, we took a vacation up to see Ross, Angel and Ezra too...so we have been taking our time.Grandma C came over last night to put her time in, and the project is pretty much done. j is in charge of chicken art. He takes it very seriously too! (mostly chalk EVERYWHERE!)

the construction is pretty much complete, and we have gotten our first two little gals. I really can't tell them apart yet, but they both are in the ugly pre-teen stage right now (8 weeks old each)...not that they are really ugly, they are beautiful....just not as pretty as they will be. They are Partridge Rocks, they have very neat designs on their feathers called penciling. I can't wait to see them in their full glory.

This is a picture the girl who sold them to me took. Pretty cute!


I will take some pictures of the completed project soon, when it is completed (hahah!)


Madeleine said...

yea, the chickens :D

the one at the bottom looks pretty, I am surprised that they are already this size at 8 weeks old. I also like the cat, it probably will be it's favorite spot throughout this summer, after all cats and birds.......


holly said...

this is awesome!! I so want to build one too! those are beautiful birds. we had black ones growing up, can't remember what they were called.

i like your kid activity books, they definitely look more free form then the ones I've picked up recently.