01 May, 2008

The initial construction of the chicken tractor (prep work):

The initial construction of the chicken tractor part one:
So, I have been reading up on chickens for, well since jackson was born and I decided things were getting too easy, so I needed something to throw into the mix...so when he was around 6 months. Anyway, I left that alone for a long while because Brad did not show much interest (meaning he told me "no"). I brought back the library books that I had checked out, and tried to forget about it. In Lebanon you are not allowed to have chickens in city limits anyway, now tell me: what is up with that!?

We now moved to C-town and here the law is that you can have as many chickens as you want, they must be penned, and NO roosters. (all of that proves no problem to me). Our journey begins soon, well the prep has begun. I have looked everywhere for a simple chicken tractor, but have decided on looking at a couple and doing my own thing. I am however excited about this site, it is Urban Sustainable Living with Patty, and I like what I have seen so far. Another good, "all you want to know" site is the city chicken. I love all the info and pictures on that site. So, below are some pictures of chicken tractors. The point of the chicken tractor is to have it be mobile (as in light and with wheels). Since I am an image gal, here you go.

If you have chickens and have ANY advice or info...I'd love it! I am trying to decide right now what chickens I want, I will probably head over to the feed store and see what they have, but you know. I am really interested in the following:

Rhode Island Reds:
These are the most common brown egg layers, probably because they and the New Hampshire Reds are the most prolific givers!! Yummm...brown eggs!

They give eggs from turquoise blue, to green...I think I will have to have these!

Barred Rock Plymouth:
I just really think this one is pretty, but they don't produce as much as the other (above mentioned ) breeds. Do I go for show or production...uh...

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Day old chicks are here!
and here!

ain't they cute when they are little!


Trish said...

My mother-in-law was really into chickens for a while. She still has a few around her ranch, but mostly I'm not sure what happened to them...? She tried to tell me that she bought her eggs on eggbay. :) Knowing her and her eccentricities, she probably did! This contraption looks like a lot of work!

Angel said...

Are these chickens going to be fried, baked, grilled or boiled?

Corinne said...

Girl, you are amazing! I love that you are doing this. You really MUST join the nook, everyone there will be so proud of you! We recently read The Omnivore's Dilemma and had huge discussions about local food :)

MamaP said...

So the second coop idea is pretty much the coop we made, well, b made! It's not quite as pretty as that one. It's a very basic design and was easier to make.

Madeleine said...

This is great, i like those chicken coops, like angel i have the same question, are they going to get fried, baked.....
they are cute when little but can be mean when grown. Oh! the boys, aren't they going to become attached to certain ones and see "Chicken Little" on the menu :P ?

have fun choosing a coop you like.
Why no rooster?

bethany said...

*trish- well, some of us love'em...I am not sure I am one of those, but I will like having fresh eggs!!! yay! Yes, the "contraption" is a TON of work... I am not sure what I got myself into. I hope to have it done this weekend though!!

*angel- these chickens will not be eaten, yuk. These are not meat chickens, they are laying chickens. Remind me to keep you and your frying pan away from my chickens!! What, do you just look at them and think BBQ, or what!?!? you are so funny. No, these are for blue, brown and very fresh eggs!

*corinne- Thank you!! yes, that is exciting to me. I am not a freak about it, I do believe there is a balance to maintain..but as much as I can I buy local and organic. Oh, but I am not the type of mamma that could ban bananas..since no bananas grown in oregon. I can't wait to get haulin' on the book club!!

I really want to read Omnivore's Dilemma!

*p- yay! post pics girlie!! I want to see them, and the tractor!!!

*madeleine- There are no worries about getting attached. It is fine either way. And as I told angel, we are not growing chickens to eat, but for fresh eggs! I like to know where my food comes from, and it is a great experience for the boys. We are veggies here,so they will not be on our plates. No worries. My biggest worry is that my killer cat is going to have them for herself! I am making the coop very tight so she cannot get in!

Wow y'all, thanks for your interest...I will be keeping you updated on our progress here on this thing.

Angel said...

B- just out of curiosity...and because you all are coming up next weekend....is the whole family vegitarian now?