28 May, 2008

double order, please?


drive up to the window.
b: a double order of good weather, not too hot, not to cold.
automatic voice: where do you live?
b: Corvallis, Oregon.
automatic voice: oops, sorry...that is not possible...any other requests?
b: well, I'd like rain then, so that I don't have to water my veggies, since it is overcast that shouldn't be too hard.
automatic voice: nope. that is a no too. if you want your plants to live you'll have to water them under the cold overcast sky....rain is not in your forecast.

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tricia said...

this is one of my favorite posts of yours, ever! poor bethany.

bethany said...

oh, thanks dude! you are very sweet...glad you liked it. I have been thinking about doing more writing ones, it is fun.