30 May, 2008

the veggie garden (as of today)

I just finished planting all that you see in this picture. There are still some things that I want to plant, but we'll see if that ever gets done. What I have so far:
- 4 broccoli sprouts
- 3 brussel sprouts
- 6 mixed greens salad blend squares
- 23 lettuce sprouts
- 3 large tomato varieties
- 1 cherry tomato plant
- 4 zucchini plants
- 3 cucumber plants

Tomato plant

The black tarp is not my favourite for pictures or to look at, but I have literally NO weeding which for me is worth it. It is not the plastic stuff, but it allows the soil to absorb water, and does not make it acidic (which is what the plastic does).

lettuce- a ton.

mixed salad greens (or weeds as some would say). they will be delicious! And they even flower, how sweet.
I will be keeping updates on here of how it changes through the season, and what we get from it. I hope we get a ton. What do you have in your gardens? I know I am missing some stuff, such as peppers, and stuff....but let me know...what do you really enjoy that is missing here? I wanna know!


Corinne said...

Can I just say, girl, you are AMAZING. I just spent a lovely time catching up on your blog - I love all the things you are doing. I'm having a vicarious chicken raising experience through you :)

Angel said...

The garden is awesome!!! Wow, I wish I had your green thumb! Those fresh veggies will be great! I LOVE fresh cucumbers!
I see you don't have any carrots....that would my suggestion! I LOVE LOVE fresh carrots!

bethany said...

Corinne- hahah!! well, you haven't seen my garage...or the piles of folded laundry on my livingroom floor, but THANKS....you make me feel very special. :)
Isn't the chicken raising fun!?!! I love doing it, I have more that I need to post pics of.

Angel- Thank you!!! Let's see how long I keep them watered for, that is my biggest problem, not watering enough, but this time I am going to do it! I love cucumbers too, but zucchini even more. OH, and I do love carrots...fresh carrots are SO SWEET, I wonder if it is too late to plant them? I will check into that! Great suggestion!

Heather said...

Well, we don't have a garden, as we are apartment dwellers, but I've been working on my parents' HUGE garden. I'm still clearing beds of last years' weeds, but we do have tons of potato plants thriving. Not sure what we'll do with so many potatoes... And tomatoes, of course. I love celery from the garden--flavor's more intense and you just cut what you need when you need it (not to mention the lack of pesticides...).

Anyway, today my 4yo son requested watermelon be planted, so we're hoping to get at least a small variety in the ground while there's still time for it to get ripe! (Let's hope this warmer weather is here to stay...)

Heather said...

Oh, I was going to ask if you've considered doing a dripline or soakerhose system to take care of the watering?

bethany said...

heather- oh, yes..fresh celery. I haven't ever tried that. I love fresh cilantro and basil...oh but I am sure they are all heavenly.

I have considered a soakerhose, but I was just not sure how that works...I have a sprinkler that I just leave in the garden and turn it on every night, so I am not sure it would improve things much...but that may be because I haven't been introduced to the soakerhose though.