23 May, 2008

the biggies: named

Presenting the Partridge Rocks AKA: the big guns. big'uns, or biggies.
B(husband) and j (4 yr. old son) have named them: Ferocious Beast and Drumstick.
Drumstick is the taller leaner one, and Ferocious Beast is thicker and grouchier, who I think will be the 'queen chicken'.

Ferocious Beast (below)

that is drumstick, she stands taller.

I thought those were pretty good names, what do you think? Do you have any chicken names you wish to share? We have plenty more chickens who need naming!!!! Name away!


Angel said...

Robot is a great chicken name!

Madeleine said...

Hi Bethany :)

I had a very stressful week and it isn't over yet or i would have been on your blog earlier.
Wow I missed so much :D those chicks are so cute...well in their own way I guess...chickens do have a scary side. The two hens have grown so big, do you still pick them up? Do you put the baby chicks in with the hens? I will read your posts and probably get the answer, I just wanted to say hi.

I'll answer your tag next week...I need to tag somone, maybe tanabata and I'll see who else

Spend a nice week-end with your family

bethany said...

angel- I gave you that name to give to your child!! Why do you want me to use it on my chicken!!! hahaha..yes dude...I am already planing on using that one....I mean do you have any others?!?!

madeleine- oh, sorry it was a stressful week, not fun. yes, I have been a blog-o-maniac lately, since I got my regular camera back, and am not just using my camera on my cell...I am happy to be putting up pictures again!!
Yes and no about the chicks in with the hens. I have the 11 week olds ( the ones in this post) and the 5 week olds that I just got in the same chicken tractor, the little ones are only 2 weeks now and are still in the house in a dog kennel with a heat lamp.

THanks for stopping by, I love what you have to say, and your sweetness.

No worries about the tag...it took me forever to do it!!!

Thanks for the wishes, it will be a good time.

You too!!! Have a good memorial day!!

Temperance said...

When I was growing up my sister had a 'pet' chicken named Squat.

bethany said...

temperance-oh, squat is a great name!! I love it. I will use that for sure.

any other names anyone??

Heather said...

I love all the names you've got so far, especially Drumstick and Robot. How 'bout Tellulah (of Maisey Mouse fame--not sure I spelled it right)?

Hmmm... what else? Memphis Bell? Poppy? Georgia O'Keefe? Kashi? Puffin? Pewter? (or 'Puter/Pooter short for Computer)???

I'm just throwing random things out here--take it or leave it! :D

bethany said...

heather- I love ALL of those! I was actually thinking of computer already...our friend had a cat named computer and it was so funny.

I will take all your suggestions..those are wonderful names!

Kelly said...

Hi Bethany!

Some of ours are named Goldie (a very pretty Americauna), Chuckles (a bantam birchen Cochin who giggles his head off for bread), Rambo (a camo Amerie rooster), Napoleon (a white bantam cochin roo who does have a Napoleon complex), Choo Choo (a black Silkie roo who my MIL says looks like a little train), Clara (a little white Silkie hen named after the Amish woman who used to own her), Pani (our Sultan hen who we thought was Polish)

Then of course there are "That black one" and "That one with the white earlobes" for most of the hens that we can't tell apart! Notice most of our named chickens are the boys :)

Love your blog!!! :)