14 May, 2009

I MOVED!! You can come too!


Moving day has come!

I have now officially moved over to dreadlockgirl.com
You can go to:
reads for my new book review blog.
lives for my new everything-else blog

Why did I move? I felt it was time to step out and do something I have wanted to do but hadn't yet. I have wanted to have my blogs in one spot, to have them combine and work together. Anyway, so both my reads and lives blogs combine onto my main blog which is dreadlockgirl.com from which you can head back and forth between my different interest blogs.

Do you have questions? Keep them coming, and also let me know how I can improve!!

07 May, 2009

Caution: pirate playdough

There is nothing left in our house that hasn't been taken over by pirates. We enjoy every second of it, well maybe not the battling with swords at all times, but they certainly are having fun.

Ahoy, Thar! Ye lily livered land lubbers!


What is your household obsessed with?

06 May, 2009

palaces, castles and mansions of wood

One of the favourite things in this house is to make castles, barns, zoos, and garages all out of wooden blocks. The boys work together and come up with such fun stories about who lives there and what each room is for. Then, sooner than the other brother would like, the youngest always manages to knock it all down. This time I took some pictures before the devastation transpired.


05 May, 2009


Easter is not about golden chocolate bunnies, or sweets of any sort, still it is okay to enjoy the treat. Before and after ponder the real reason for Easter's sweetness.

04 May, 2009

sushi in portland, or.


yum. I love California rolls, nothing surprising in them. What is your favourite sushi?

03 May, 2009

rain and tea sipping

oliver with tea by,dreadlockgirl.

The rain has come back. We are into tea drinking right now. No high teas or low teas thoguh, just whenever we feel like taking a sip of the warm liquid. I love many kinds of loose leaf teas, but the boys only know one kind: licorice root tea.

Do you share tea with your kiddos?

Winners of my homemade lunchbags:

Here are my two winners for the homemade lunch bags, each of you will get one lunch bag:

Shelly B from Write for a Reader
Kim from Page after Page

Congrats girls!!!! I hope you love your lunch bags :) I am a little late in announcing, sorry.
click on the contact me button and email me your addresses ladies!!!

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