29 April, 2008

mac lappity HELP!

I just got this new computer that I absolutely love. It is white, sleek and does so many things that I have been surviving without for  long time. Not to say that it was a sad existence before, it was just dimmer, not as exciting. If you are considering making the switch to a mac, from the old standby PC...well there is some learning to do. I have found that things are going really smoothly, it is all pretty much common sense stuff...but it is different. However if you are someone who embraces change, you'll have no problem-o.

There are still some things I need answers to from you mac-experts:

-what is the deal with the cut-n'-paste!!!!...I have figured out that you can highlight what you want to use and move it to a new location but sometimes that doesn't work. Is there another way???

-where do you edit photos? I was going to try to make a new blog header now that I can...but I can't, as of yet because I need to figure it out first. (I would like to combine several photos for  header) I know that there is iphoto, is that where I need to go?

-oh, and what browser do you use? do you use the safari that comes with it, or is firefox or something like that compatible??? I love firefox...

-what is up with the misspelled words?? they are underlined in red but if I try to click on them to get the right spelling the line just goes away, but the spelling is not fixed...so does it tell me that it is misspelled but not allow me to fix it...it must right!?

-do you use the mail inbox (with the little stamp of the eagle) or do you just get your mail online (at gmail, or such)? I don't really like the eagle mail, but I am partial to gmail and its design and layout.

-where do you type documents? Is text edit the only place? I don't like it much.

I have too many questions...I am really hoping you mac-sters (ellyn+ andrew are the ones I know of...you'll find them to the right, as I don't know how to cut and paste their links here, sorry) will help me out with these...

If you are a mac fan, don't worry...tomorrow I will do a post that explains what I LOVE about this shiny new white machine!!


Antonio Tahhan said...

Hey Bethany, no worries... You'll get used to the changes in no time and will fall in LOVE with your mac.

here are some quick answers to your questions:

1) Cut and paste works like any other computer except that you need to hold the ctrl key while clicking your mouse to access the "right click," where the cut/paste options are. Alternatively, you can highlight and click edit from the toolbar.

2) iPhoto mainly stores photos and does basic editing to single photos (i.e. adjusts brightness, contrast, etc.) For photo editing, recommend Photoshop (this program can do pretty much anything).

3) I love Firefox, too. That's what I use.

4) I don't know what you mean by this. If it is no longer underlined in red, it means that the word is spelled correctly as far as I know.

5) I use both.

6) I bought the Mac version of Microsoft Office. It comes with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.

I hope this helps!


Madeleine said...

Hi Bethany :)

I regret not having bought a Mac last year...there was my chance. You'll become used to it very fast, I hear it is so much better than Microsoft...oh well, this laptop is going to have to last me a long time, but the next will be a Mac :)

Have fun, bet the screen looks nice and bright after your old fuzzy one :D

bethany said...

antoino- thanks!!! that was great help. Yes, I already love it, LOVE IT. Thanks so much!

madeleine- I love it, I can't tell you how much...but again I don't know for sure how much is that I am excited to have a computer that actually works, or that I now could not live without the mac...but I do love it.

holly said...

Holly from the nook here! I was skimming through your blog and had to stop here: I got a MacBook recently and love love love it. I had an iMac before that for a few years and was a PC user before. I will never go back.

I'm sure you've figured a bunch of things out by now. The control+click is key to master. that gives you all the right-click functions of a regular mouse. that was probably the issue with the spell check too.

you can use the mail client for your gmail as well. if you have other email accounts, you can have multiple inboxes. very slick.

ditto what antonio said for everything else. sharp guy. :)

something that took me awhile to figure out was using two fingers lightly on the track pad to scroll down pages. I used the arrow buttons forever before I figured that one out!

bethany said...

Thank you all!!! YEAH! I have got things a little more figured out now. The other day I tried using my little brother's non-MAC laptop and I couldn't figure out how to scroll down!!! I guess I have officially switched over now!