08 April, 2008


jackson learned to embroider yesterday...it was insanely cute. I have some good pictures of him actually doing it, but here is one in the meantime are the products of his embroidery day:

One is a house, with grass and stairs. The other is a tree with a bird and blue sky.
We used burlap, and a huge blue plastic needle and thick embroidery thread that I bought at goodwill and was marked $1.99 for a bunch of it, and a little embroidery hoop.

I obviously helped him thread the needle, and had to say: go up through the bottom, down through the top most of the time...but he loves this. It is art, and anything that helps him create...is his "favourite". "Let's do this all day and all night" is his phrase for: I want to do this for a long time because I really enjoy it!

I love finding things that he enjoys, and that I enjoy too. I have been learning as well...and we pretty much both began learning at the same time. I love it, I'll show you what I am up to next.


Corinne said...

Those are so great! I love the idea of letting your kids try it. I have done a lot of primitive embroidery and it's so relaxing. I tried counted cross stitch as a kid/teen and got so hung up on counting that I completely stressed myself out :)

bethany said...

oh, yes primitive stuff is way more fun. I can't do anything that is calculated...it seems like it defeats the purpose if you have to think so hard!!

do you have any pictures of your stuff?? it is always fun to get ideas. I am learning different stitches right now from a book I checked out at the library...wow...it is crazy how many cool things you can do!