09 April, 2008

painted pictures

(again, first off I apologize for the poor quality of a camera phone photo...but it is what I will have for a while, and bad pictures are better than no pictures at all, especially for my family that lives very far away!)

The big pictures are two of my latest pictures (I loved using acrylics...it was my first time!!) I have done one since, for the living room. And the ones underneath are jackson and oliver's latest as well!! They love the idea of the "inspiration wire" (from the book The Creative Family by Soule) I only have one complaint: It always fills up way too fast!!! I try to take things down but each time it is so hard for me to do it...but I need room for the new ones. I think I am going to put up more display locations around our house so that it doesn't fill up so fast. I' ll keep you posted!


Corinne said...

LOVELY LOVELY! I thought those pictures were from a catalog!!! Holy cow. You are inspiring woman!

If you really do want to know more about the online book club, email me at sheelysmom at gmail dot com :)

bethany said...

wow, thank you so much. i love to do it, it is so relaxing...like getting things out.

I sent you an email, did you get it?