10 April, 2008

things i won't hesitate to buy soon...and very soon.

we are in the process of selling our house, so we have been holding off on a couple of things that I want to talk about so that I feel that at some point they will become a reality. No, we did not sell it yet...I am daydreaming again, you know, for fun!
for me there are two things that I would like to get, and really need to get..since our computer is literally dying (it is very old) and we need a really good camera (need in this case, obviously very subjective!):

A MacBook Pro:
one good camera: There are three that I keep coming back to, confused as to really which is the best, if you have any imput...that'd be great.

I like: the SonyA200

The Nikon D40
The Cannon Digital Rebel XTi (400D)
I like them all, but there are drawbacks to them all as well. The cannon is great, and I love it...but I am nervous it won't "agree with" two amazing lenses I already have. The Nikon D40 also looks great, and gets amazing reviews, but it is only 6. something megapixels. The Sony (up top) is new and has a ton of megapixels, but doesn't have a live view LCD, but it does have an LCD. whew...that was a load of stuff.

So if you can answer any of my questions...or all of them....DO SO!!


tricia said...

this is what i know.

i would go with what you have in lenses, since lenses are sooooo expensive. go to oregon camera on 6th and they could tell you what the lenses will match with. a live lcd is nice, but not necessary. i checked and with 6 megapixels, you have enough resolution to print out a poster of your shot. that is the only reason megapixels are important. it's how big you want your end photos to be. if you will only be printing out 4x6s then you could get away with 3 megapixels. if you have 6 megapixels then you have room to crop and still get a finely resolved picture.

hope that helps and doesn't confuse.

bethany said...

thanks T!!!
Yes, I knew about the megapixel thingy...I just didn't know if buying a 6 would be like buying a CD player now!? you know? yes, I will head over to the place you are telling me..I have a really nice camera just like these, but it is not digital and that is soooo expensive since I love to take tons!

Mrs. B. said...

Oooh...this sounds like a list of things I want to buy (and now!) too. :)
I've heard lots of great things about the canon digital slr and the sony too. Ahhhh...I want one and then I want to take a photography class. Dreams.
So glad to be at your "regular" blog.

bethany said...

*mrs. b- oh yes...I am craving them too!! SO you have actually heard good things about the Sony??? I haven't ever heard of anyone owning it in person yet! What did they say to you about it??

glad you are at my "regular" blog! welcome!

Brad Canfield said...

Looks like some pretty cool stuff here! Miss you.

Corinne said...

So, I've got the digital Rebel and I LOVE IT!! It's a fantastic camera and I am using a lens from a non-digital Canon SLR :)

Oh, and random: I checked out your book club blog and I really like it! How did you all meet??