15 April, 2008

flowers and kisses, b.

A couple of weeks ago I talked about how our kitty spider had killed 2 rats, since then she has killed 2 more and one bird ( I am sorry mr. bird, I really am). But now an exciting new season has emerged, an even better line of gifts have been given me on our doorstep: flowers! It is really insane. In our last house she did this all the time during the blooming months of this particular flower( we had a kitty door and she would bring them inside), and I honestly can say that I looked on us moving with a tiny degree of sadness just because she would no longer do this, there is not even one of these flower bearing bushes that I can see anywhere in our new location. That is why I was shocked, stunned..and beyond when this new line of pink gifties was left just last night( I shuffled them so they'd all fit in the camera, but besides that I promise this is just from last night!!!):

Can you imagine a cat bringing these one by one throwout the night!?!?! It is so funny! I wonder if she is hyperactive or something! Or maybe she is just nocturnal...as this is what she is doing as I type.

I love this fuzzy cat! I can't believe she found a local provider of my favourite cat flowers!!! Way to go spider!(this is much better than dead things, so I try to encourage her!;)
Oh, and here is my new signature...I love it!!


Anonymous said...

aww, that's so sweet.

Poulsbo florist

MamaP said...

Oh my gosh!! That's so freakin cute. What a fun kitty.

Karen said...

What a sweet kitty! You are so lucky! Cute, cute, cute! All that work bringing you flowers made her tired!

Ellyn Canfield said...

This is the cutest thing ever!

Good job, cat- make love, not war. Or flowers, not birds.

Corinne said...

I have never heard of a cat doing such a thing - I LOVE IT!! What a pleasant surprise (so much nicer than a rat!)

tricia said...

yes, so much better than dead/half-dead animals! thanks for the (shhhh, secret) baking session...

Diane said...

How funny! And all my cat used to bring me were half-dead chipmunks INTO the house. It's rather a beautiful gesture, unless you're the unfortunate gardener who awakens to a naked shrub - haha! Your neighbors must think it's an ethnic spring celebration or something.

Alison Boon said...

Cats are not quite nocturnal but they do like to be more active during the early part of the night and early morning, that's why they can see so well in the dark. The flowers must move about quite a bit and she 'hunts' them for you. It is a much better pressie that's for sure.

Kathryn said...


Only now did I revisit the blog that I'd left a reply commenting about having spent much time in Eastern Europe (Romania)...and saw the classism againt the Gypsies. You let me know you'd tried to visit my blog but had no success in doing so. Perhaps, I wrote the address incorrectly. It is:

Once you read a my profile and subject matter of the blog...it will explain a lot as to why I feel so passionately against classism/racism..etc.

It will be great to hear from you and of your experience in recognition of the classism you witnessed.

Kindest Regards,


Kathryn said...


Although I don't own a cat, I do own a Sheltie. She thinks it's great fun to chase bunnies. Problem is that one time she caught one...thought it was a game when the bunny struggled against the grip of her teeth (although it's not much of a grip!). She'd have killed it (not on purpose) had I not intervened. She now know that bunnies are for "looking at"...not "chasing". She's never chased another bunny since that time :) I did, however, buy her two "bunny babies" at the pet store...one pink & one blue. One day I discoved that she had dropped her pink bunny in the toilet! I "saved" it's life...as it was completely washable. Now we know to keep the toilet lid DOWN at all times :)

Kindest Regards,