05 June, 2008

here, chick-chick-chick!

my first two day-old chicks now they are 3 weeks and 3 days!

They are looking older, taller...a bit more hitting junior high awkwardness stage. Feathers are coming in, in random patters that makes them all own the name "patchy"but for now they are all still unnamed. I want to wait to know them, and not just name them now, I also want to see which are roos (roosters) and not name the ones I am not going to keep. Anyway enjoy! They are sure getting bigger!
My RI Reds, with my new Easter Egger- 4 weeks

two more Easter Eggers (americaunas) they are called Easter Eggers because they lay eggs in a range of colours from green to blue. It depends on the hen what egg colour she will lay. (Each can lay a different colour, but each will only lay always the same colour) don't worry I am confusing myself!

The EE's (Easter Eggers) look a little like chipmunks, they have these sweet puffy cheeks! They are very soft...and sweet. Still a little jumpy though. I am trying to work on that. No one likes jumpy chickens!


Angie said...

Hi Bethany,

I was wondering where you got your americauna chicks from? Also, do you know the zoning laws in Corvallis for Chickens? I have done a bit of online research and it seems to be fine as long as you don't have roosters. Do you know if this is correct?


Heather said...

LOVE the puffy "chipmunk" cheeks. And "junior high stage" made me chuckle.

bethany said...

angie- I got them from lady that bought them as "closeouts" from the feed store! If you ever want any birds though you should look on craigslist corvallis, and they constantly have them. There is a lady in monmouth who has americauna hens if you are interested.

Oh, yes and the city ordinances are penned birds, and no roos. Easy enough. In the city I fully agree with them. I don't want to be waken up at all hours, and I am sure my neighbors don't either.

heather- I know...I LOVE the puffy cheeks, it makes them cuter (i think). yes junior high for sure!! They are awkward like junior high too.

Angie said...

Thanks so much for the info. We live in College Hill and the houses are pretty close together, but I talked to my neighbors and they seem fine with it. I didn't want to be the annoying noisy renters in the sea of professors. I am hoping to score some Arucanas and some Buff Orpingtons from a hatchery near McMinnville. Their minimum is 10 and I only want 5 (my yard is small) so I am going to craigslist the extras after the first 2 weeks.

We are first time chicken folks and I'm pretty excited. A pet that gives back, imagine that....