23 June, 2008

cardboard testimony

This shows the power of a testimony, the power of God to do things that we are not able to do on our own. The hurt and pain is something God takes and gives us beauty. This video is really good. We all have a cardboard testimony, What is yours?


Angel said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing this video b. It had us in tears! I'm going to add it to my blog.
Love you.

bethany said...

yes,amazing! go for it! You have to watch the other one too (the one I just posted above), I think you'd really like it as well....my favourite part is when he preaches at the end.

These two videos are amazing to me.

We are praying for you!

Corinne said...

That's powerful stuff. I am always amazed by what finding the light of Christ in yourself can do. Thank you for sharing that :)