11 June, 2008

old growth trail (with bonus good rock throwing pond)

Sunday was the perfect hiking day. It was the perfect temp, and just right. We went with some friends to the Old Growth trail which is nice because it has tons of "kid stuff" to do on the way. It is pretty steep for a lot of it, so kids must hold hands...besides that it is completely kid friendly. (No nudes or anything -hahahaha~!!)

bridges are always a hit- especially if sticks or rocks are nearby.

dirt piles, we slide on for hours....

uuuuu, and ponds surrounded by rocks, a dream (this one can be missed if you don't know where it is so it is somewhat of a secret- which makes it even better!)

throwing, throwing, THROWING.

all of the kids made it pretty much the entire way, there was a little whining at the end, but it was over a mile of hiking and they were all excellent adventurers!


Heather said...

Where is this trail? We love hiking, and I'm always on the lookout for kid-friendly hikes.

bethany said...

This is the old growth trail it is out past crescent valley highschool. You take a left onto lewesburg rd, and then a right onto hotsprings (it may be warmsprings..not sure) and head up the hill and stop at the guardrail to the right..and there you are!!