23 June, 2008

a pea break

Here is the pea patch...a great place for a snack. Grandpa Marble (great grandpa to the boys)tells me that he does not plant sweet peas, "you know, those ones you eat the shell and all! We used to feed those to our cattle! I used to plant some for other people, but I don't do that anymore" says grandpa. We are fine with what he has, as the boys can both pull, peal and eat these well on their own. Oh, the sweetness of fresh peas...shhhh, don't tell grandpa, the boys eat the shells anyway, even though they are actually rough and not very yummy....oh well.

Last week we went to grandma and grandpa's lazy m ranch and had some good, quality pea time. It was great, the boys sat there for well over 40 min and just ate and ate and ate the peas. grandpa was pleased, he loved watching them chow down. we love going there, especially when the weather is nice so we can be outside!! They have tons of fun things to do and a creek to play in!!Among other things here is what we enjoy at the ranch: a super warm fire in the winter, cows to look at and talk to, raspberries by the ton (we can pick as many as we want !!), blackberries down by the creek, marble mountain....we hope to climb it soon :), a million yummy squash, tomatoes, cukes, and potatoes, beans, pole beans, and much more...we go for the day and enjoy it the whole way. Oh, the ranch...one of our favourite places in the world.

They have trucks too.

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Corinne said...

Those pictures are so great. I remember eating peas garden-side with my own dad. Great memories :)