09 June, 2008

go green, in your backyard

To green your backyard, head over to your local Bi-mart and buy seeds or starts, or plugs. With the price of gas, the crazy chemicals that are on store bought produce, and the joy you could get from harvesting your own veggies at least to me growing a garden is all pros and the only con is time (and water).
Here is a good link: Easy foods for beginners:Homegrown craze brings bumper crop of fresh veggies, healthy bodies

Here is what I planted today: cuban oregano, golden sage, purple sage, pineapple sage, 2 lil' basil plants, green zebra tomato and cherokee tomato and lemon balm

cuban oregano
golden sage
purple sage
lemon balm
green zebra tomato

I promised myself none of my plants will die from lack of water this year as I am not a very good garden maintainer....but a good starter for sure! So far so good, my garden grows strong and green.
my cukes
toms planted several weeks back
lettuce is coming along strong (yum)


Heather said...

Looking good! I love cooking with fresh herbs straight from the garden (or the pot on my windowsill, when I have sunny, non-kid-accessible windowsill in whatever apartment we happen to be living in at the time...) And is there anything lovelier than garden sweet and tender lettuce? (or ickier than lettuce that has bolted...?)

bethany said...

oh yay for gardens!! I am loving it right now. Yes, the tender lettuce will be amazing! YUM!