06 June, 2008

a day like this-facing the funk

Today was one of those days. a day where if they get p,b+j they want soup and if I were to give them something else they'd still whine. They've been banished to their rooms, menaced and threatened, and beyond....but we're in the funk, and what a funk! A constant dripping of complaining, sadness, getting hurt, hitting, and falling apart over and over. on and on and on and on and on....how would this not drain us all?

Even now, it seems to me that my job of being with these little insane-os is the best job in the world. i love them, and we all have off days... weeks! I don't give up when it gets tough, when stains and gripes and dirty buggers invade, that makes the good times that much better, and I hope they are just around the corner. for the sake of us all! (so help me God!)


Corinne said...

Seriously, those pictures of you are fantastic and I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Sometimes it is all I can do to lock myself in my room and listen to them pound on the door - just so I can be alone and not be wanting to hurt them :)

*hugs* for both of us

bethany said...

I so agree!!! They are in bed...and I am rejoicing (MEGA-REJOICING!)yes...not wanting to hurt them, I know that feeling. (:

Trish said...

Oh honey, don't make those faces!! :) Hope things perk up a bit.

bethany said...

trish- I will try not to. I hope that I don't have the occasion to!!! hhahaha~