19 June, 2008

oregon. aka: the most beautiful state in the union

I know there are plenty of worthy states out there for the beauty contest, oregon happens to be where I call home, and where the glory screams at me daily. It is also where on a seemingly sunny day you need to use a flash in the middle of the day! ha. Here is our hike on the other side of the old growth trail, it is another wide one that kids have no problem following. It is part of the OSU research zone, and is stunning. We walked, we checked out trees, weeds and slugs and then we ate. It was grand. seriously.


Chelsea said...

Which spot is that...Starker? It's lovely-we love Oregon too!

bethany said...

The Old Growth Trail area, in Lewisburg...a beaut!

I have never been to Starker...where is that!?!?!

Yes, Oregon is the prettiest.

Heather said...

Here's another vote for Oregon! :D Funny, when I first glanced over the text before looking at the pictures, I thought you said you ate the slugs. :o I'm glad I reread that sentence a little more carefully... ;)

Oh, and thanks for the Old Growth Trail info!

Corinne said...

I LOVE IT!!! Seriously, forests made me feel so peaceful and at home. I love the pictures and it makes me yearn EVEN MORE to get my feet on the ground in Oregon someday :)