23 June, 2008

The face of inspiration- Nick Vujicic

What would inspiration look like in human form? Well, for sure Jesus and Apostle Paul, and Peter and the disciples, but what about today? This is one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen. A life that is not wasted, a man who does not let his problems get in his way, he makes a spectacle of them and triumphs to the glory of God. Blown away, I am blown away.

There a website Life Without Libs, on which you can find tons more info. I found the get media or the video page, and cannot stop watching them .Tons of videos in different countries, the effect he has on the people is just too much, and mostly I think what is the incredible part is his heart to not be a victim, not to lay under his circumstances but grabs them and shows people what can be done! Amazing.
Also on ABC:
a short clip and a news blurp

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