09 December, 2008

green and blue eggs


Our first green and blue eggs!!! It is so hard to get an accurate colour of the rainbow toned eggs we are now picking out of the nests. I guess you will all have to stop by and take a look and we could grab cup of tea and chat for a while in real life...that would be so great. I have taken so many pictures of these first green and blue eggs! Our beautiful Ameraucanas are finally laying, they are currently 31 weeks, yes that seems old to me since our other breeds started laying at around 20 weeks! Silly chickens they will certainly free-load for as long as you'll let them. Since yesterday I told them I would put them in a soup pot and cook them and bring them to the homeless they decided to finally kick into action (haha, no, not really).

You will just have to imagine a shy pretty green, and a light sky blue. It is so fun to eat green and blue eggs. No, they don't taste any better really, but in my imagination they do :) We are now getting around 7 eggs a day!! We eat all of them, it is an excellent source of protein since we don't eat meat here at the house.



Peta said...

Wow - those eggs look fabulous and I am sure that they do taste nicer too!

Trish said...

Hmmm--I don't think I realized there was such a thing as green and blue eggs! How beautiful. My mother in law used to have a lot of chickens, but I don't think she got a lot of eggs out of them.

Angel said...

I am so happy for you that you are getting your blue and green eggs!

MamaP said...

those are so pretty!