05 December, 2008

should our currency say "In God We Trust"?

I know this could become a heated debate when I say I don't think that it should, but please listen for a second. It isn't something I am super-insanely promoting or anything, I just got a forward from someone at our church telling us to be sure to head over to MSNBC's Live vote on: Should 'In God We Trust' be removed from our currency? I went there, eager to see the results and then sat here staring at the computer screen. For the first time I felt funny about clicking that it should remain, for the first time...I feel more confused about how I feel, or more clear, I don't know.

Should it? I will give you my scattered feelings on it, and they are just that feelings...I haven't researched at all.

Should our currency say in God We Trust when they don't?
There are so many people, so many faiths, so many beliefs and I personally am not concerned with offending them by keeping those words on there, I am however concerned with pretending that they ARE like us, that they DO trust in God and that we are still one big happy united family. It seems deceitful to do that, like we are holding on to a past that is gone, and yet are still pretending. Why should they be proclaiming that they trust in God when they don't? I don't want them to say that they do if they don't, I would rather the boundaries be put back into place, and I feel that holding onto the notion that the US is a Christian nation is not really acceptable.

Why does it matter if our nation proclaims Christ? Does that affect how we walk? How we act or see things? NO! We are called to walk upright in the midst of any adversary, to stay the course in wet and dry seasons, and to have enough faith so that even if all around us the world falls, we stand steadfast in Christ. I say strip 'In God We Trust' off our dough and tattoo 'In God I Trust' onto our chests! Haha, maybe that is a little extreeme....but that is how we are called to walk, as if only He sees, and only He knows...and like every day is our last, right?

Okay, this all came out a little more animated than I had expected, but I spent the morning cleaning the bathrooms and sweeping and maybe the endorphins are kicking in. I'd love to hear your thoughts thoguh on why or why not you think it should go( or if you are going to get a good tattoo). What do you think?

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