02 December, 2008

Thanksgiving Delights

our little bungaree family headed up to Tumwater to be with my brother and his little family for Thanksgiving. The boys LOVE their cousin especially, but also their aunt and uncle. It was a great time with family.

food time.


Angel said...

Thanks again for coming up! We loved having you! I had fun getting up at 5 to shop again this year too!
Great pictures of the boys! Ezra loves seeing his cousins! He doesn't usually get to play that hard for 2 days straight! He went to bed early and didn't hardly move all night!

Anonymous said...

That's so Nice! :-) all the kids had a fun time :)

bethany said...

Angel- It was so nice to visit with you guys..so nice to eat together and be together. We were so blessed by it!

(the wii was incredible too!)

veens- Yes, the kids were so tired on the way home, they played with their cousin like crazy!!!