06 December, 2008

christmas tree hunting in the pacific northwest

Our hunt in photos. We set out, we saw, we cut, we came home, we decorated. A good hunt indeed.

Is it a bad thing when the owner shows you were the boot scraper is? :)


Anonymous said...

wowwww! this is how u guys do it?! :)
I never knew.. u cut it and bring it :)
we don't have these Christmas trees here.. a very few i have seen.

what we used to do back in school is to decorate a Christmas tree at our Teacher Nun's place... that was fun..

now we hang a star on the balcony.. and visit our neighbors who decorate the Christmas tree as well as make a small cave kinda thingy where Jesus was born and all that.. it is fun :)

Trish said...

What a beautiful tree! Hubby is allergic, so we have a fake, but I still love it. My grandparents in Toronto used to have a Christmas tree farm (they have now converted the farm into their home). So we used to go hunt for our tree when we were little also. Looks like the boys had a great time!

Dar said...

Those last pics are for Christmas cards. Just beautiful Bethany.

Angel said...

Great looking tree! The boys are so cute in their overalls! I love the Carrharts!

bethany said...

veens- yea, isn't it neat!?!?! I know that we are blessed in this area of the world by nature...and getting out and dirty. I love it here. Yes, we get to cut our own! It is so fun, and it smells like pine, so pretty.

Trish- I had never heard of anyone being allergic to trees before, and then last week someone said something. I had no idea that folks could be allergic to trees!! Silly me.

Oh, your own family christmas tree farm!! Amazing! I was telling Brad that it would be a really great far m to have, it is so pretty (tons of work though!).

Dar- Thanks so much!! I really wanted to capture what our living room looks like and it worked :) I love not using a flash.

Angel- Yes, the carrharts are proving to be very useful! It was so fun being with you guys...and picking them out :)

Ramya said...

that's such a pretty tree!! since we FINALLY have our own home, we've decided to have a tree this year.. but since this is our first, we've decided to go in for a fake one.. i hope to graduate to a live soon soon though:)