01 December, 2008

Get to work at Lazy M Ranch

We went to the Lazy M and immediately got put to work. We filled and planted some bulbs for Grandma. She owns the Crawfordsville Covered Bridge Plants, so we were helping for next selling season. It was any little boy's dream, to fill up tons of buckets of dirt. I had the job of planting the bleeding hearts, the lilies and the peonies and it got done and we were pretty grubby. We always expect that when we go to Lazy M though, mud is what there is, and dirty means a fun time.

On the way home, this was our thank you :)


Anonymous said...

mudddd--- ohh my -- i feel like rolling up my pants and jumping into it :d
I like playing and getting dirty!!

bethany said...

yes it was muddy, very muddy. I think you would have loved it! let me know when you want to come along :)