29 December, 2008

knitting my little heart out

a's unfinished scarf, and a half completed dishcloth for grandma marble

a warm winter cowl for mom, I am now working on my third. I made one for mom, (shhh, I think it is still on it's way!!) one for B's sis e, and I am currently working on one for me.

I can finally disclose what I have been working on...I didn't want to let anyone get glimpses before they opened their gifts! :)

the building up until Christmas was tiring on my slim fingers, but filled with joy. I knit, knit, knit like crazy for gifts for our family. It is so fun to knit and think about the person while you are knitting their item. I have knit scarves, and cowls this year mostly and the usual knitter's fave granny dishcloths as well. We tried to do Christmas as homemade as we could, and as local as possible. It was so much less hectic, and way more enjoyable.

What did you get to make for your loved ones this christmas season?


Angel said...

Beautiful! I don't knit, but I made lots of homemade candies for our friends and neighbors this year. I agree, it is so fun and enjoyable to think about the person you are making the stuff for.

Heather said...

Oh that cowl looks cozy. I had so much fun making gifts this year. I made a wire money tree for my brother and a bookweight for my sister. I wanted to help the kiddos make gifts for each other, but didn't quite make it that far. Anyway, I love making gifts for the same reason you stated--thinking about the person while you're making it. I hope next year I've got it together enough to go all-homemade, with the kids as full participants. We shall see. :)