08 December, 2008

Bungaree Speak: ER and fleas

We took a trip to the ER last night directly from church, actually half way through church really. B was walking with J and O and they were about 20 feet behind him playing and running (you know that..."No Running In the Halls" rule, it may be for a reason!) B turned around as soon as he heard J crying but figured it was just the usual brother battle. When he saw the blood he knew it was different this time. Anyway, don't get freaked out, J went into the ER and they gave him 2 stitches in the back of his head. He feels much better now, and so do we.

Amongst the chaos there were some pretty funny moments of bungaree speak, I will try to type them out as accurately as possible.

Bungaree Speak:
(everytime J speaks imagine not speaking but screaming)
J is screaming asking if he is going to die, and B is holding him, asuring him.
We hop in the car and head to the ER, half way there I pull over because B askes me to take a look at it. I do and determine that we should probably go in, but it is hard to say.

O: why does J have fleas?
b: what are you talking about O?
O: Maybe he has fleas.

About a half- hour later when O and I come to pick J and B up from the ER visit. We walk down the hall to get them.

J: (by now just the same as usual, happy calm and not screaming) Look O!
O: what is it?
J: Stickers for you and me.
O: oh, that is cool (he says as he is jumping excitedly)
b: So what did they do
B: Two stitches.
b: Oh, wow! J you are brave. Do you feel better now?
J: yes, it doesn't even hurt.
O: (who has been contemplating his stickers looks up) So you don't have fleas J? That is good, I am glad you don't have some fleas.
J: only cats have fleas O, you need to remember that and stop asking me if I have fleas.

Seriously now, fleas!? I don't know where the flea idea came from...kids.


Here is my sweet little one :) Check out the cool stickers he got!



Angel said...

Poor little guy. Glad J is doing okay. Head injuries bleed a lot, so I am sure that must have been scary!
Oliver is so funny!

Ramya said...

awww. poor thing! hope he is better now. I think incidents like this are more traumatic for the parents!

Anonymous said...

ooppss!! Thats so sad. i am so sorry to hear that!
Hope you get better soon J :)
and Fleas :D