12 December, 2008

squash abundance

Cooking squash is so easy, and is well worth it. I half or quarter depending on size of squash, and then put it insides down on a baking sheet. I spray the shell with oil sometimes, sometimes I don't.
-Then put it into the oven and cook it at 350 degrees until your knife can slice through the meat of the squash it is done (from an hour to hour and a half...it just depends on how big your pieces are).
-Let it cool and then scoop out all the good tender meat .
-I just pile all of mine up in a large (very large) mixing bowl and then smoosh it down a little . It hardly needs to be mashed as it is really tender.
Then I bag it up in sandwich bags and then put as many of those as will fit into a larger freezer ziplock.
-It will keep for a long time and is great in so many recipes. I love what we call spicy pumpkin soup, and I use it to make a sauce to go over pasta, also really good as a ravioli filling (with some cinnamon, salt and spices) lasagna filling. I like having it in the little bags, as that is the right size for our family.

Do you have any fun things to cook with squash/pumpkin?? I have a freezer full, and can't wait to use it !:)

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't figure out what u were talking abt.. and then I saw the pics one more time and it clicked **tube light**

And the last pic is so cute :)