22 December, 2008

when is enough too much?

We are now getting around 10 a day!! Seriously crazy chickens. I may have to start selling them soon, or giving them away. For now I am holding onto them since for so long we were begging the chickens to lay and...well...nothing. Now even though we are in full fledged production mode I am hoarding. Silly.


Angel said...

Holy cow, that is a lot of eggs! I'm thinking egg salad sandwiches, eggs casseroles, quiche, egg scrambles........

Jack Durand said...

Hey Bethany, it's Uncle Jack. I already wrote Angel. Your mom, my sister, gave me your blog address. Wow, you are quite the farmer. You have Great Grand Pop Durand in you girl. He raised chickens too. Your site is great, I have really been enjoying it. Tell everyone I wish them a Blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year. I think of you guys often. Some day I will visit I promise.

Uncle Jack

PS Grand pop WON a lap top so now he will have to learn to use a coputer.

bethany said...

Uncle Jack
Thanks so much for stopping by!!! I really hope you enjoy all the silly stuff that I get to write about here, I like doing this, it is such a great way to keep family connected no matter the distance. Yes, my mom has told me about great Grand Pop Durand, I wish I could have met him, and his chickens! :)

Merry christmas to you, and blessings to you and your family!

Ramya said...

that IS a lot of eggs! i can still remember the time you cribbed that you weren't getting enough eggs and how excited you were after your first egg!:)