15 December, 2008

cold weather gripe.

Today so far the high was 29 and the low was 13...bring me back the rain!

I guess I am a wimp, but it is sooooo cold out that I hate it. My chickens are so freaked out about it too. Today they rushed the door as usual and then did every balancing act possible to not fall down and into the snow, they were not into it. I can see why!Who would want to take steps onto the cold snow without shoes and socks. I can't keep their water thawed either. I bought expensive infrared heat bulbs for their coops which they sleep under like they did when they were just day-olds.

The cats feel the same way, the same cats that I don't see for the whole day, even in the middle of rain season are out and do the deed and right back at the door. They even scold me if I am not there exactly when they get there. I think that it has to be cold on the pads of their feet.

As far as humans go, well I get to stay inside. And when I go out I pile on layers. I don't feel so bad for myself- I just really don't like it to be this cold. yuk.


Anonymous said...

oh MY! thats darn COLD, I am shivering :) :)

I have never been in a place so cld and suddenly i dnt want to either :)

Angel said...

my gripe about the snow---- Being stuck at the house!! The roads are nasty, so we haven't gone anywhere! I am going stir crazy!!!