08 December, 2008

bungaree speak: baby

pirate, farmer and cowboy, these are from the harvest carnival :)

bungaree speak:

b: would you like a little baby brother or sister?
j: I just think we should keep the one we have. (meaning O)
b: Hahha, yeah, well we'll keep him too, but I think we are going to think about having another little one.
j: okay, then we can make a diaper cake! (since visiting cousin E over thanksgiving this has been an obsession of his, o too....I wonder if they think they can eat it!?)
b: yes we will, but we need to wait since the baby isn't even in mamma yet.
j: yep, you need to eat a lot of food and it will make your belly fat and turn into a baby.


Trish said...

How cute are you and your kids!!!

Ellyn Canfield said...

There are so many priceless little comments in that!

I can work on the diaper cake...but I'm with J, I want one we can eat!

Angel said...

FUNNY!! So, THAT is how babies are made!! =)

Anonymous said...

aaww! how cute :)