15 January, 2009

the sun came out in oregon

There aren't many days here in the fall, winter, or early spring where the sun just shines. When we get those days we grab our sweatshirts as fast as we can and scramble outdoors. There were a couple such days this last week, and since all of the sudden my boys have an increase (BIG increase) in energy, I started bringing them to the track. They are loving it, they beg to go. All we do is run around and around on it until one of them doesn't want to anymore then we stop and walk home.

I am amazed at how much more positive and happy we all are when we don't have cabin fever from being closed inside for months on end. We've gone out there three times this week. They don't even know it but they can run a mile! Yeah, no worries I did track and have no urge to get my kids into it until they are ready....but it is still so neat to see that energy being put to good use.

Bring on the sunshine!

each boy found his number.

resting, sweet boy.


Trish said...

What a gorgeous day. I think sunshine can make every single difference in the world. I'm not a big cloudy day or rainy day girl.

basebell6 said...

these are the cutest pictures!!

*claire* said...

Your boys are just darling! Love your pictures..