10 January, 2009

I heart my griddle

I use this griddle almost daily, it works perfectly for eggs, for pancakes, grilled cheese, anything like that. I love it because I can cook all of our food at the same time, or at most in two batches (with pancakes more). I have the kind of griddle that you just put on two of your burners and griddle away!

A couple of days ago I made these eggs. O loves the yokes runny in the middle, as do I. J likes them completely solid. I cook them on both sides and just cook mine and O's on a higher heat and take them off sooner. J's stay on a cooler spot on the griddle for much longer.


holly said...

yum! I heart mine too. pancakes is its primary task. it's electric though and doesn't cook in the middle. I'd love an upgrade someday! those eggs are dreamy...

bethany said...

holly- I bought this one at Bi-mart. It is a log cabin cast iron one. I can't remember the exact price, but it has well served its duty. I think we use it almost daily.

I like the convenience of just having it on the range, then I don't have to lug it out and plug it in. I am the type that if I see it I use it and if not I forget about it.

The eggs sure are yummy! :)

Heather said...

Wow. Look at those yolks. Can't get that from the grocery store! My husband works here in Salem with a dentist who lives in Corvallis, and the dentist's neighbor is starting a CSA, so he gave us a dozen eggs from his neighbor as a Christmas gift, and they were wonderful!! I've been trying to arrange to buy eggs weekly through the dentist, but my dear emissary (read: hard-working hubby) keeps forgetting to make arrangements with him. No one at the year-round market is selling eggs right now. But I will persevere. :)

As for griddles, I am so blessed that when we were building our kitchen here in my parents' basement apartment, I was able to buy a second-hand cooktop with a built-in cast iron griddle. Oh how I love it! It's my favorite part of the kitchen. :)

bethany said...

heather- yes, the yoks are so thick and rich. Until you said something I actually forgot that they look different than store bought ones!haha, and it hasn't been that long!

Too bad you don't live closer, we have tons of eggs. TONS. They are so pretty too, green, blue and brown and light pink.

Oh, yes griddles are so amazing! That is great about your built in cast-iron griddle....those are so cool.

Corinne said...

My griddle isn't as fancy, but I use it ALL THE TIME. French toast, pancakes, grilled cheese, quesadillas, today I made fortune cookies on it :) I'm a HUGE FAN!