13 January, 2009

them chickens!

My chickens, I like them but they are silly-heads! Yep. If you ask me about chickens now I can be honest and not in some sort of delirium about their good qualities ignoring the bad. It really is an amazing thing to have chickens in the backyard. I enjoy their bountiful oval blessings (aka: eggs) but there is another type of bountiful blessing that I don't enjoy. The size of their poo! Yes, seriously. Their poo is about the size of a ping pong ball and sometimes the size of an egg. Yep, that is big.

I am now a bit calloused to it, but not enough to want them wandering my yard. They just make too much mess when I don't give them the boundaries of a chicken tractor. Plus instead of rooting when it gets dark, they come over and peer through the sliding doors at me and my family as if to say, "we'd like to come in, now!". J thought letting them in was a great idea, but then I went on to explain the situation to him: You see if they do come in they would poo all over your toys, I don't think any of us would like that. NO! he yelled.

So, then because they don't roost when they are supposed to, I have been having to heard them like a madwoman after dark to get them back to where they should be. They have to roost (that is when they go in and sleep on a post or pole all together) if they don't they are prey to raccoons and who knows what else that comes out at night.

Anyway, long story short...my chickens will be let out every once in a while, but almost always they will now stay in their chicken tractors. Seriously! Unless someone wants to come clean up some chicken poo!

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holly said...

what big beautiful birds! they really are pretty. and even cute little babies make some pretty nasty messes in their diaps..... ; )

bethany said...

holly- yes they are big and very beautiful. you are right, babies make huge messes too! :) they sure do.

Kelly said...

Hahahaha!! I know what you're talking about! The other day I reached in for an "egg" in a nest box and well... it was squishy... I guess someone decided to roost in there.


bethany said...

kelly- eeeewwww! yes that is just a part of having these chickens isn't it!? hahahahha.

*claire* said...

How cool that you have chickens! My mom used to have them in the backyard and even brought them inside the house.. until the neighbours called the cops and complained about the clucking!!