12 January, 2009

B & W: the boys


Ellyn Canfield said...

I am loving these! You are doing an amazing job with the new cam- and we all get to benefit!

Angel said...

gorgeous pics!
Did you do this in adobe/photoshop or does your camera do blk and wht? I can't figure out if my camera does...i have got the Canon Rebel XS.

Dar said...

I love b&w photos. Your boys are so cute Bethany.

bethany said...

ellyn- awe, thanks!!!! :) glad you can tell a difference!

angel-the bad news about our adobe photoshop is that it doesn't work on our mac. Right now I work with picnik, it is online. I just have the free service, it is good enough for now.

You should be able to switch your pictures to black and white though on you camera...I always just choose to take them in colour and I can always switch them to B&W later.

Dar- AWE, thanks!!! I really had fun with these!