27 January, 2009


We know a beautiful family who has 12 chillins, yep 12 kids-- no not cats. On friday night we got to spend the evening with them, they blessed us with clam chowder, fishsticks, salad and the most amazing cheesecake ever (thanks Claire)!!! We talked, discussed, and made fun of eachother (all in great fun) Brad was blessed as much as I was. It is so fun to be around people that get you, get your jokes and seem to enjoy you just as much as you enjoy them. It was so encouraging also to see that, the older kids are amazingly well behaved/responsible/respectful/sweet/kind and gentle, not only that but also loving with their younger siblings. Honesty, that is a biggie for me, and these folks are honest to the core. We disused stubborn children, and just what that looks like...yes families of 12 have to deal with stubbornness as well. Blessings to them.

I know that we are blessed by them, by their calling and obedience. They are such fun people to hang out with. I could try to tell you their story, but you should check out the blog posts coming from someone who knows what it is like to have 12 kids. Matt Szabo (aka Sabo) (aka Team Sabo leader numero 1) writes his own blog on the struggles, joys and there you can see their heart and fall in love all on your own. Do they really have 12 kids? yep, 12.

There you'll find some fun posts on being a diaper changer for 19 years, on counting our lives too dear, and my favourite....how they ended up with 12 amazing jewels!

ps. for the pictures it was really hard to get everyone in the same area. I didn't do so well with that, but I wanted to enjoy our time there so I just took the above two. I always am bummed that I don't take more....but I just like to visit :)

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Matt Sabo said...

Bethany, you are very sweet. Fun photos and good remembories. It was mucho bueno times having your family over and next time we'll invite ourselves over to your casa. Si? Give a shout to Brad for me. God bless, Matt