29 January, 2009

bunk love

The joys of sharing, sharing toys, a room and really almost everything. I love that we have two boys that can grow up together, play together, fight and forgive, and that they get to have bunkbeds. I always have loved bunkbeds, and now my boys do too.

J says that his is a tree house and O's is a cave. We got these set up a couple of weeks ago. They have been sharing a room since November. They really like their beds, and they love being in the same room. O has slept so much better since we put them together. He used to get scared at night, I think that since he is in the same room with is brother he feels safer. I would, J is a fierce warrior! :) Good times.

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Anonymous said...

I always wanted a bunk bed but my parents were against them. Your house is beautiful Bethany.