15 October, 2008

sun soak.

I think even the chickens know that each day of sun we have now is like a precious and fragile gift. When the sun comes out they do too, they all cuddle together to soak in the rays. I didn't ever know chickens did this, at first I thought one who was laying like this was sick, but when they all joined and appeared fine I figured it out! time for a sun soak. fall is pressing in, today is foggy and crisp...I don't think I am ready for it to be this cold yet.


Anonymous said...

:-) Neither did I know about this! It is awesome no?!

My granny has chickens :) !! and i remember, when our pet 'Vava' went there, they all were scared [coz Vava kept on running behind them **sigh! she was super excited to see chickens the first time in her life too D ] and jumped on trees and wouldn't come down!!! Oh my it was a difficult day for us!

when i read about this... i don't know why I remembered that :)

Angie said...

What pretty little girls. I saw mine in a heap like that 2 days ago, but mine were being dangerous and dirtbathing while bunched together. There was sand flying everywhere. Chickens never cease to crack me up.