02 October, 2008

the bad and the ugly

Today was ugly, and the yellow jackets were bad. Details? Yes, I'll give you those:
O and J were outside, (they play outside in the backyard for hours every day) I was washing dishes and I hear a scream, an important scream and a continous scream. I ran outside and could not figure it out and then I did. O was COVERED in yellow jacket wasps. Covered. He was screaming, I was swating them, and J was screaming and crying too. I rushed them in the house, closed the door, swated the killer yellow jackets off and stomped on them. When I saw how many there were in that room still trying to attack we ran for J's room and closed ourselves in. I smashed all of them in there, and then took the boys' clothes off.

I have to tell you, it was a life saver, the way they were dressed really saved them from much worse. They both had begged to not change out of their footed pj's and I had agreed, and they were also both wearing rubber boots. The yellow jackets had a hard time getting at them directly sinse their clothes were baggy as well. I looked both the boys over to figure out how many times they had been bit, j only three and o, well on O I counted 12 and then he was done with me counting. I stayed with them to make sure they were not going to have an alergic reaction and then got down to business.

I got the boys under J's blankets and told them to stay there. They stayed under there on and off screaming crying and yelling: " come take care of us mamma!!!!" I knew they needed me, but I had to kill the rest in the rest of the house as well. I stayed with them for a couple of minutes, and then went into the occupied rooms. There they were, all buzing about! They were no longer in attack mode, and I took advantage of that. I killed them all. When I was done there were around 20 dead yellow jackets in the house.

When they were all gone, I went and asked the boys what had happend, where the nest was and how they made them so mad. J reported that O saw "their house" and wanted to kill them so he went over with a shovel and was "smashing them". No dobut that is why O got them to attack. I think he knows now :) But now they are gone anyway.

Today, the nest in the backyard is empty, or full depending on how you look at it. I know this is not the GREEN way, but it was our way...B dumped gasoline down the whole. They are all dead now. I am sure there were better ways, but I actually wanted them dead in a bad way.

We are all fine, life goes on...I am the one who reacted the most to the stings/bites. I have a huge welt on my leg. J has no signs at all, and on O you can see the one on his eye lid is swollen, but that is the only one that reacted at all on him.

The boys watching a dvd while recuperating. We went all out yesterday, chocolate, popsicles, chocolate milk, tylenol, and popcorn for lunch! (tylenol since O was running a slight temp)

the survivor!!! :) you can see his right eye is swollen though.
I will say meat tenderizer really is the solution for me!!! I mixed it with a little water...gone is the itch and sting. Just remember that in case you ever get stung. I have had the meat tenderizer in the cabnet for years, and I had no idea what to do with it.....now I know!


Dar said...

Bethany, that's terrifying. My heart was pounding just reading it. Thank God the boys weren't allergic or you for that matter. I would have done the same with the nest-everyone's safety comes first especially when it's something that messes with the little ones.

This is my first visit here. I don't know why I haven't come before. Your boys are absolutely beautiful. They are just so darn cute! I look forward to more of their adventures.

You all take care.

bethany said...

it was terrifying!!! they just kept coming, and it seemed like I would smash them and more would show up!!! insane, insane!!!!!

awe, thanks for visiting :) I love it when the book folk come and visit my family.

Corinne said...

THIS IS HORRIBLE!! Terrifying. You are a BRAVE MAMA BEAR. I want to give you a medal of honor for valor. Seriously, you deserve a hug. :)

Trish said...

Oh no! I'm glad everyone is OK. I didn't realize that they had nests in the ground like that--very scary! Hope you guys get to feeling better soon.

Angel said...

YIKES! So glad the boys didn't have any allergic reactions!! I would say that all of the treats were well deserved after a day like that!

holly said...

what a frightening experience!! I can't imagine being swarmed like that. I'm glad nothing serious happened. Sounds like you handled it all very level-headedly. Hopefully the boys (and you!) aren't too traumatized!

roxana campbell said...

Oh my...my...my...Your a warrior mom on the real!!!!!!!This story was so scary but you took care of business. Wow I am floored!!!!!!

Ellyn Canfield said...

You are amazing. Poor little guys. Can't wait to squeeze them in real life (nephews, not the bees)

Angie said...

What a nightmare that must have been! I think my first instinct would have been to crawl under the blanket with them. You are a very brave woman.