17 October, 2008

reading for clean water


Hello family and friends!

I am doing something this Saturday that I would love your help with, I am doing a read-a-thon. Yes, that is right I will try and read as much as I can over a 24 hours period. It will be fun to read uninterrupted :).

It starts soon, (as in tomorrow) Saturday morning supa-early (for me at 5 am). I am joining tons of other book bloggers in this insanity to read, read, read!!! I am going to donate $5 per book I complete during the 24 hour period. The last read-a-thon I completed 3 books. I am hoping to do 5 this time, but we'll see. I already have one wonderful sponsor who is going to MATCH my $5!!! That means right now each book I complete is worth $10! I have two other sponsors who will send in a set ammount after the read-a-thon...these three women are from my book blog world. What an amazing group of women!

Where will the dinero ($) go? It will go to an organization I have become quite passionate about. I will be giving it to Living Water International an amazing organization funding the building of wells all over the world in developing nations.I posted some videos yesterday for an organization called Advent Conspiracy that works through Living Water International. Clean water is such a huge problem, here is what the news says:

Water-related disease is the single largest killer of infants in developing countries—diarrhea alone causes 1.8 million child deaths each year—and access to safe water is the most important factor in the survival of children under the age of five. Nearly half of all people in developing countries are suffering from water-related health problems. The annual number of deaths from water-related diseases is six times greater than the number of deaths from armed violence.

So why don't I take a part, take a little step. If we all did, the problem would be resolved. Yes RESOLVED! So for that reason I am taking this Read-A-Thon seriously....(not so seriously I can't enjoy it though, don't worry about that!!!! :) But I am reading with a purpose, reading for a reason other than just for me.

Contaminated drinking water is the largest killer in the world.
Would you drink it? What if that were all there was?

I want to be part of making this (above) into

Want to join in on this??? Tell me about it. You can sponsor me too, or you can do the same thing I am doing. Let's make the difference!

Here is the link to the our donation page:
our little piece of change

You can follow the progress by checking the widget for living water international I put in the sidebar!!


bethany said...

Since I wrote this, someone has offered to sponsor me for $10 a book. That makes each book now worth $20!! This is awesome!!!!! :)

bethany said...

I just got a sponsorship for $1 a book!!!!

That puts the total at $21 per book I read :)

Thanks so much!!

bethany said...

Oh, yah. I just got an email....another $10 per book!!!!

What are we at!?! $31 per book :)


Anonymous said...


u go GIRL!